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Quality and flexibility

We deliver software that have high quality and meet the highest standard in software development. We are flexible and always do the best to meet our customers need.

Customer focus

When developing a general solution or a custom made one, our customers are always in the center. We develop solutions that boost processes a make life easier.

Fair business

we believe in fair business. Our relationship with partners, customers and other companies is build on a stable ground that enables us to help each other grow.


Niveocare is a software that aim to make Digital Healthcare available for All. The software is easy to use, accessible via computer, tablet and smart phone; with or without internet connection.


SmartReg is a flexible registration system that adapt to what you need to register and give an overview of your operations. SmartReg comes as a software for large companies (SmartReg) and for small and middle size companies (SmartReg – Light).


SRIO is our clock in software that handles your staff time, register all private and business visits at your facility. SRIO have also a HR module and Economy module that enables for example overtime and salary calculations in real time.


NiveoSchool main goal is to make the schools easy to run from a management stand point. For example it will enable registering of all student and staff, follow and print out the grades for all students, and show is the fees are payed or not.