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Data systems that reflects your work and company culture.

All companies are different. They have different history, way of working, culture, products and services… Using data systems that are developed to cover several companies needs are not often optimal: these systems force you to adapt to them, which changes your way of working and your company culture.

A data system should boost your business and not slow you down. That is one of the major reasons we develop tailor-made systems. Systems adapted to how you want to work and for which you have no need to change your everyday routines. We believe that several companies shouldn’t use the same system simply because it’s not optimal.

Precise Process Analysis and
Requirement Documents

The first step is to analyse the processes to be covered and establish the system specifications together with end-users.

Adapted Database Design

that covers all processes

Next, we design a scalable database that can grow and cover future needs. The design reflects your way of working and company culture.

Demo System Development

Code, Show and Test

The Demo covers critical features and is tested together with end-users. This phase generates input to the Final System Development.

Tailor-Made Data System and

Integrated Development

The final system is coded using the latest stable IT technics and developed in close collaboration with stakeholders and end-users

Building Bridges between IT, R&D and Production

We offer Local & Outstanding Support: working close and local with our business partners is the key to success.

Our goal is to program a system that require as minimal support as possible. Since our systems are built from scratch in collaboration with end-users and 100% custom made, it is natural that you don’t need as much support. The systems are easy to use directly from the beginning. However new, better IT solutions comes with time and systems have to be upgraded. Data systems also need maintenance and operation to guarantee the best possible user experience. Therefore, niveotech offers the following type of Service Level Agreement (SLA) as standard:

* Premium Customer Support (SLA Premium)
* Medium Customer Support (SLA Medium)
* Basic Customer Support (SLA Basic)

Please contact us for more details about the standard SLA’s above. We can also discuss other types of SLA’s with our partners to make sure that you get the best possible service needed. Please contact us to discuss a custom-made SLA.

Phone: +46 8 12 82 82 00

Email: info@niveotech.com

Visiting Address:


Frösunda Port

Gustav III:s Boulevard 34, 4tr

SE-169 73

Solna, Sweden

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

We look forward to get in touch and build your next data system.

Whether you have a system to improve or you want niveotech to design and build a new one from scratch, or just want us to look and analyse your processes; all you have to do is to pick up the phone and call us, or send an email and we will get back to you and schedule a meeting.

IT Solutions that make complicated processes easy to use!