About - niveotech
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Started 2014, niveotech is an IT Company specialised in building custom-made data systems from scratch.

IT infrastructure in most manufacturing industries have not followed the development visible in the private consumer sector where the IT solutions show very good quality and high flexibility. People have high expectations when navigating the internet to buy products. When downloading a mobile application, we expect the best and usually don’t pay anything before testing the app. If it’s not good, we just delete it from our devices. It’s completely different in manufacturing industries whereas companies have very expensive contracts on systems that often do not deliver. People tend to accept failure more and use old systems that are not suited for the processes anymore. We want to change this and develop data systems as if they were mobile applications: using latest stable IT technics, with guarantee of high quality and flexibility.

Founder: Jean-Pierre Mudiasa

Full Stack developer @niveotech

Master in Mechanical Engineering (KTH).

We Always guarantee to fullfil requirements agreed upon with ours partners. The main services that niveotech offer are:

* Tailor made data system

niveotech takes full responsibility for the entire development process, and deliver first a demo of the system for test and input to final complete custom-made data system. We are responsible for the entire IT project from the process analysis, database design, project planning and decide the IT tools to use. The development is made in close collaboration with the stakeholders and end-users. This to ensure that the final system that will be delivered actually cover the processes and is adapted to the desired way of working and company culture.


* Participation in IT projects

niveotech is active in your IT project and take overall responsibility for a defined part of the system development. We deliver the code in the programming language of your choice and discuss it with the other developers or project members. We are a project member in your project and also participate in merging our part of the code to the code written by your developers. The merged code will then be used for data systems, services or in your products. We contribute with the latest knowledge in the field, and speed up project delivery by delivering high quality and well commented code.


* System rewrite and code refactoring

niveotech recode your old legacy systems and databases using the latest programming languages and best IT tools available. We update and restructure existing computer code without changing its external function but enhance the system user interface, performance and speed. Advantages include improved code readability and reduced complexity; these can improve source-code maintainability and create a more expressive internal architecture or object model to improve extensibility.

IT Solutions that make complicated processes easy to use!